I need help understanding a book description. What should I do?

Just click the “ask a question" button in any book record, or write directly to

How can I be sure that your books are correctly described?

We stand behind every book we sell. Each of our books is carefully catalogued and accompanied by a full description on Honey & Wax letterhead. If you ever find that a book you purchased was incorrectly described, we'll accept it back for a full refund, without hesitation.

What if I order a book, but change my mind?

All our books are returnable for any reason within ten days of receipt. Please let us know if a book will be coming back. After ten days, returns are at the discretion of Honey & Wax.

I want to give a book as a gift, but I'm not sure which one.

Recipients can exchange gifts for credit toward the Honey & Wax books of their choice. We also offer gift cards in any amount, mailed to you or directly to the recipient.

How do you ship?

UPS, FedEx or USPS, according to your preference, with signature upon delivery.

How can I pay?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, personal checks, and wire transfers accepted.

Can you repair one of my own books for me?

Sorry. We don't offer general bindery services.

Can you appraise one of my own books for me?

We choose our appraisal projects selectively, valuing collections for exhibition, donation, or sale. We do not offer appraisals of individual books. We recommend that you explore public and online resources, including your local reference librarian and Biblio's guide to book values, to learn more about your books. If you’re interested in selling or consigning a book of possible interest to us, read on.

Can you make a custom box or slipcase for a book I see here?

Any Honey & Wax book can be boxed for protection and presentation. Write for information on materials and pricing.

Can you hold one of your books aside for me?

While we can sometimes hold a book for a short time, upon request, all the books here are offered subject to prior sale.

Do you buy books?

Yes. We buy and consign classic works of literature in excellent condition. If a book is not a first printing, then it should have some other special quality to recommend it: a copy signed or inscribed by the author, a volume from the library of someone interesting, a fine example of a beautiful or historically important edition.

Do you buy autographs, letters, or manuscripts?

Rarely. We like books best.

I have a very old book. Are you interested?

Age alone is not enough to make a book right for Honey & Wax. See above.

Seriously. It's really old.


I have a book you might like. What do you need to know?

To start, we need the book's author, title, place of publication, publisher, and date, along with any identifying information provided by the publisher: “first printing," “one of five hundred numbered copies," “revised and expanded edition."

Next, describe the book. Is it bound in leather, cloth, or paper? Is there a dust jacket? Is it illustrated? Is it signed or inscribed? Does this particular copy have an interesting story behind it?

Finally, what is the condition of the book? Is the binding like new, or is it battered? Is there writing in the book? Staining? Rips or tears? Evidence of smoke or water damage? Photographs are always helpful.

As a general rule, we buy books only in excellent condition. Occasionally, when a book is very scarce and desirable, we will restore a damaged copy, or offer it unrestored.

I'm going to be in Brooklyn. Can I see your books in person?

If we're not travelling, sure! Write us at to make an appointment.