H&W Brochure - page 30-31

[John Badcock]. Philosophical Recreations, or Winter Amusements: A Collection
of Entertaining & Surprising Experiments in Mechanics, Arithmetic, Optics,
Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electricity, Chemistry, Magnetism, &
Pyrotechny, or Art of Making Fire Works, Together with the Wonders of the Air
Pump, Magic Lanthorn, Camera Obscura, &c. &c. &c. and a Variety of Tricks
with Cards.
London: Thomas Hughes, [1822]. 18mo, original printed paper boards,
hand-colored folding engraved frontispiece. $1500.
First edition, second issue, of this collection of games and puzzles, arts and crafts,
magic tricks and secret codes, and scientific experiments inspired by the likes of
Boyle. Some have clear practical application (how to make wax candles), others less
so (how to inflict shocks with a homemade battery).
René Périn. Le Voyageur Anglais Autour du Monde Habitable: Nouvelle Méthode
Amusante et Instructive pour étudier la Géographie.
Paris: Alexis Eymery, 1826.
Oblong octavo, contemporary green marbled paper boards, hand-colored engraved
frontispiece, engraved title page, and thirteen full-page engraved plates. $2000.
First edition of this brilliantly hand-colored introduction to world geography
for French children. Among the many cities pictured are Amsterdam, Moscow,
Krakow, Berlin, Venice, Madrid, Constantinople, Peking, Mecca, Cairo, New
Orleans,Washington (looking entirely rustic), and Buenos Aires.
J.F. Martinet. The Catechism of Nature; For the Use of Children.
Boston: West
and Larkin, [1790]. 18mo, contemporary sheep over wooden boards covered in blue
paper, slipcase. $1200.
First American edition of this influential science primer, first published in Dutch
between 1777 and 1779. Beginning with “the innumerable heavenly lights,” the
work turns to topics in chemistry, geology, zoology, and botany, illuminating the
wonders of the natural world. Very scarce.
Lord Chesterfield. Principles of Politeness, and of Knowing the World.
Johnson, 1806. 18mo, contemporary sheep over blue paper boards, slipcase. $200.
Early American edition of this abridged collection of pragmatic advice to his son:
“The general rule is to have a real reserve with almost every one, and a seeming
reserve with almost no one.”
Daniel Staniford. The Art of Reading.
Boston: West and Richardson, 1814. 12mo,
contemporary sheep over wooden boards covered in blue paper, slipcase. $200.
Early edition of this popular American anthology, first published in 1800.
Highlights include anecdotes of Confucius and Demosthenes, Hotspur’s soliloquy,
and Henry Lee’s funeral oration for GeorgeWashington: “to be
truly great
, you
must be
truly good
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