H&W Brochure - page 24-25

William Alexander. The History of Women, from the Earliest Antiquity,
to the Present Time.
London, 1779. First edition, two volumes. $1350.
Samuel Johnson. The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets: With Critical
Observations on Their Works.
London, 1821. Two volumes. $1750.
Augustus Hare. Walks in Rome.
London, 1903. Two volumes, three maps,
extra-illustrated with 83 albumen photographs. $500.
Margaret Oliphant. The Makers of Venice: Doges, Conquerors, Painters, and
Men of Letters.
London, 1905. Illustrations by R.R. Holmes throughout text. $150.
Esther Singleton (editor). Famous Women As Described by Great Writers.
New York, 1904. First edition, 40 halftone portraits, publisher’s binding by Alice
Cordelia Morse. $55.
Maria Edgeworth. Belinda.
London, 1896. Illustrations by Chris Hammond
throughout text. $60.
James Boswell (editor). The Table Talk of Dr. Johnson: Comprising Opinions
and Anecdotes of Life and Literature, Men, Manners, and Morals.
London, 1825.
Copper-engraved frontispiece. $300.
William Shakespeare. Poems Written by Mr William Shakespeare.
London, [1775].
Copper-engraved portrait. $1250.
Madame de La Fayette. The Princess of Cleves.
Boston, 1891. Two volumes, translated
from the French by Thomas Sergeant Perry. Limited fine press edition, one of 250
copies, printed on Japan paper, illustrations by Jules Garnier throughout text. $1000.
Washington Irving, Robert Burns, James Fenimore Cooper, W.M. Thackeray,
Nathaniel Hawthorne, Charlotte Brontë, Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott,
Wilkie Collins, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, George Eliot,
Mark Twain, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Alfred Lord Tennyson. The Game
of Star Authors.
New York, 1887. Complete set of 72 playing cards, including 36
portraits, housed in publisher’s gilt-stamped box. $650.
Thomas Malory. Le Morte Darthur by Syr Thomas Malory: The Original Edition
of William Caxton.
London, 1889. Two volumes, facsimile page from Caxton’s Malory in
Volume I. Bound by Elsé Hoffman of the Guild of Women Binders. $2600.
Louise Fitzhugh. Harriet the Spy.
New York, 1964. First edition, illustrations by the
author throughout text. Signed by Louise Fitzhugh. $2000.
Sven Ljungberg. Katt och Skata [Cat and Magpie].
Malmö, [1976]. Signed limited
edition, one of 90 copies with twelve full-page color linocuts individually signed by the
artist. Text in Swedish. $375.
Alejo Carpentier. The Kingdom of This World.
New York, 1957. First American
edition, translated from the Spanish by Harriet de Onís. Dust jacket by Joseph Low.
George Farquhar, Richard Steele, John Gay, Henry Fielding, and Oliver Goldsmith.
Eighteenth Century Comedy.
London, 1966. Dust jacket by Lynton Lamb. $25.
Eugenio Montale. New Poems.
New York, 1976. First collected edition, translated
from the Italian by Ghan Singh. Signed by Eugenio Montale. $500.
Muriel Spark. Authors’ Ghosts: Seven Poems.
London, 2004. Limited edition,
this copy unnumbered, signed by Muriel Spark. $135.
Christopher Marlowe. Hero and Leander.
Menston, 1968. Facsimile edition of Felix
Kingston’s first printing of 1598. $65.
Laurence Sterne. A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy.
London, 1949.
Two-color lithographs by Nigel Lambourne throughout text. $65.
W.H. Auden, Elizabeth Bishop, e.e. cummings, T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, Marianne
Moore, Edith Sitwell, Gertrude Stein, Wallace Stevens, Dylan Thomas, William
Carlos Williams, and W.B. Yeats. The Caedmon Treasury of Modern Poets Reading;
with: Caedmon Recordings of the Spoken Word 1957 Catalog.
New York, [1957].
Two LPs in full-color gatefold sleeve and illustrated publisher’s catalog, both designed by
Matthew Liebowitz. $125.
Esther Averill. Daniel Boone: Historic Adventures of an American Hunter among
the Indians.
First edition, English issue. Full-color lithographs by Fedor Rojankovsky
throughout text, printed by Mourlot Frères. $425.
W.G. Sebald. The Emigrants.
New York, 1996. First American edition, translated from
the German by Michael Hulse. Signed by W.G. Sebald. $1200.
Frank O’Hara. Art Chronicles 1954-1966.
New York, 1975. First edition, photographs
throughout text. $75.
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