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Here at Honey &Wax, we get a lot of unsolicited book offers,
some exciting, most less so, a few frankly deranged. I wish I could
sum up the typical Honey &Wax book in one word: we buy and sell
, or
, or
, full stop. Even
modern first editions
would simplify matters.
But in truth, the qualities of a Honey &Wax book are harder to
define. As Justice Stewart remarked of pornography, “I know it when
I see it.” And I know how I feel when I spot a Honey &Wax book:
startled, arrested, curious. Awake.
Mostly we deal in literature, but sometimes history and philosophy
and art and music. Mostly books, but sometimes games and broadsides
and manuscripts and maps. Mostly in English, but sometimes in
other languages, ancient and modern. Almost always in excellent
condition—and that requirement narrows the field—but our books
have so much more going for them than their looks. Each one has
something special to recommend it: imaginative writing, historical
influence, an intriguing provenance or presentation, striking design.
I know it when I see it, and when I see it, I want to share it.
In this, our fourth catalog, we feature fifty-nine new acquisitions,
from canonical landmarks to unexpected survivals. We hope that every
reader—the most jaded collector, the world-weariest librarian— will
be genuinely surprised and delighted by at least one book in these pages.
Complete descriptions and additional images of these, and many
other books, can be found at
. Take a look.
Give a call! And stop by the Honey &Wax bookroom, open by
chance or appointment, if you find yourself in town.
So, what kind of books are you looking for?
Brooklyn, NewYork
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