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And we celebrated by moving.
Don’t get me wrong: I’ll always remember the early days of Honey &
Wax fondly. To all of you who walked up three flights of stairs to shop
in my dining room: I could never bake enough scones to thank you
properly. But when there are library sets in the kitchen cabinets, and
elephant folios under the bed, it’s time for a change.
Real estate in Brooklyn being what it is (crazy), the bookroom
search foundered at first. But help came from a familiar quarter: the
ever-expanding Brooklyn Creative League, which had served as our
mailing address from the start. When a space there opened this spring,
Honey &Wax seized it. We didn’t even have to print new letterhead.
So visit already! The Honey &Wax bookroom is open, by chance
or appointment, at 540 President Street: past the pickle factory, next
to the movie prop shop, two blocks east of the canal. And if Brooklyn’s
not in your travel plans, visit the Buzz page on the website for our
event schedule, and check out the books online.
In this, our third catalog, we feature sixty-four new acquisitions,
from sixteenth-century London to twenty-first-century Brooklyn,
with a characteristic emphasis on unusual and surprising copies.
Complete descriptions and additional images of all the books in
these pages, and many others, can be found at
Take a look. Give a call! And thanks to all of you who helped write
this latest chapter.
Brooklyn, NewYork
Our third year was a busy one.