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Years ago, at a book fair, I picked up a nineteenth-century guide to
English grammar. There, under “adverbs modified,” was an example:
“use books as bees use flowers.” I was so taken with the line that I
stole it, though I didn’t know then what it would inspire.
Readers have a lot in common with bees.We buzz around the books
that attract us, and dart from volume to volume, sometimes drawing
deeply, sometimes just hovering.We condense and transform what we
read, creating new material out of the perennials on the shelf. And like
bees, we work together, even at our most solitary. How do bees use
flowers? They make honey and wax.
Honey &Wax Booksellers is dedicated to the social life of the printed
book: the way that all books bring writers and readers together, but also
the way that a particular copy can connect readers across time, or forge
a bond between giver and recipient.
In this, our second catalog, we feature sixty-five new literary acquisitions,
beautiful and uncommon, with an emphasis on association copies:
books presented by one writer to another, books from the libraries of
compelling readers, books signed and inscribed and annotated in ways
that trace a history of human connection. Complete descriptions and
additional images of these books, and many others, can be found at
Use books as bees use flowers! Go pollinate the world.
Brooklyn, NewYork
Why honey? Why wax?