Marchande de Cupidons. Francesco Bartolozzi, John Ogborne, painter, engraver.
Marchande de Cupidons

Marchande de Cupidons

London: J. Thane, Rupert Street, Hay Market, 1783. Oval stipple engraving, printed in brown, measuring 5.5 x 7 inches, captioned: “MARCHANDE DE CUPIDONS. From a beautiful and high finished Painting in Water Colours by F. Bartolozzi, after the Antique.” Plate mark measuring 8 x 9 inches, on a sheet measuring 10 x 11 inches.

Stipple engraving after a painting by Francesco Bartolozzi, a Neoclassical update of an ancient fresco at the Villa Arianna at Stabiae, a coastal town south of Pompeii. A “cupid seller” displays her wares -- a selection of captive winged cherubs -- to her interested customers, who are looking to purchase love. The excavation of the fresco at Stabiae in the mid-eighteenth century inspired not only Bartolozzi, but also the French court painter Joseph-Marie Vien, whose 1763 La Marchande d’Amours depicted the same subject in accordance with contemporary Rococo taste. A crisp, wide-margined example.

Price: $750.00

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